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Grease Magic Snakebite Tile & Grout Cleaner




Grease Magic Snakebite is a heavy duty cleaner used as a pre-treatment spray on soiled grout and tile. Loosens and emulsifies soils, stains, and facilitates soil removal. Snakebite Premium Tile & Grout Cleaner will remove the most stubborn soils with ease! Apply with pump sprayer, injection sprayer, & extract. Can be used with floor cleaning equipment. NEW AND IMPROVED!


Snakebite Tile & Gout Cleaner cuts through the toughest soils. Works great with turbo style tile cleaning tool, or even apply to grout and agitate with a grout brush to brighten groutlines. Great for kitchen floors, bathroom floors, showers, tiled walls, steam rooms, pool floors, and more!

Snakebite is acid free and has a built-in defoamer for speedy cleaning with less defoaming of portable high pressure and truckmount extraction systems.
Super concentrated at 2 oz per gallon--can even be diluted to 1oz per gallon!
Also works great in walk behind scrubbers!

Available size: Gallon, case pricing on separate product code. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: *Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning!

Pump-Up Sprayer: Dilute 2-8oz./Gal of water

Walk-Behind Scrubber: Dilute 4-8oz./Gal of water in tank of machine, clean & extract.

Injection Sprayers: No Tip (4:1) 20oz./Container; Yellow Tip (9:1) 40oz./Container



1. Apply diluted Snakebite to tile & grout and allow to dwell for 3-5 minutes. Do NOT allow product to dry before extracting or cleaning.

2. Agitate grout with grout brush.

3. Extract with turbo style spinner tool.

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  • Model: NT-002
  • Manufactured by: Grease Magic

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