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Hard water scale is one of the most common causes of truckmount heating system failure. Untreated hard water causes loss of performance in heat exchangers and many times permanent damage to components. The MagnaClean Water Conditioner was especially designed to control the problem of lime scale build-up in truckmount systems. Unlike other systems, the affordable MagnaClean is simple to install and requires no chemicals, external power, or constant maintenance.

  • Patented magnetic design suspends water-born minerals preventing the formation of lime scale.
  • No maintenance or service required, no power supply needed or no chemicals used.
  • Designed for truckmount application, compact size for easy installation.
  • Improves efficiency of previously scaled systems, often reducing costly component replacement.
  • Money-back, 1 year guarantee.

Installation Instructions For The MagnaClean Water Conditioner

In order for the MagnaClean water conditioner to achieve the desired results, it is very important that it is properly installed on the Truckmount. HydraMaster recommends that the machine be thoroughly descaled prior to installing the MagnaClean water conditioner. This will prevent jets and orifices from becoming clogged as the conditioner loosens scale already built up in the machine. We also recommend that the machine be periodically checked for gradual scale buildup that can still occur in areas of the country that have extremely hard water.

The following are HydraMaster's suggestions for installation.

SpitFire 3.2
Install the MagnaClean in the incoming line to the pre-heat radiator just behind the engine. Use a 3/8" brass hex nipple on the outlet end of the conditioner to fasten it directly to the heat exchanger. Use a 3/8" x 45 degree street eli on the inlet end of the conditioner. Using the original hose barb and a new hose clamp, cut the hose to the proper length and attach it to the street eli on the MagnaClean. Be sure to observe the arrow on the that indicates the proper direction of flow.

On the CDS, the MagnaClean water conditioner should be installed in the hose that runs from the incoming water quick connect to the chemical solenoid on the mix tank. On this installation remove the hose barb from the incoming side of the chemical solenoid and install the conditioner to the solenoid using a 3/8" brass hex nipple. Shorten the hose as necessary and, using the original hose barb and a new hose clamp, install the hose to the incoming end of the MagnaClean.

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  • Model: 000-163-056
  • Manufactured by: HydraMaster

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