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Nu-tech Cleaning Systems specializes in restoration equipment repairs and service
Our technicians are factory trained and certified!
Please find some tips below from our Repair Center on how to prolong the life of your drying equipment.
Dehumidifiers - Nu-Tech stocks a huge stock of dehu replacement parts. Our technicians can have your unit fixed & working correctly, quickly and efficiently.  
Remember :  Regular maintenance is suggested with all of your equipment and filters should always be kept clean and replace them as needed. 
 We repair all major brands of dehumidifiers!
Your dehu may need repair if:
  • No dehumidification is occurring, neither hour meter display nor compressor run and power button does not turn on
  • No dehumidification is occurring, neither hour meter display nor compressor run with power button on
  • Some dehumidification, air mover runs continuously but compressor only run sporadically
  • No dehumidification, air mover runs but compressor does not
  • Air mover does not run. Compressor runs briefly but cycles on and off
  • Unit removes some water but not as much as expected
  • Unit runs but does not pump water
  • Unit pumps water automatically but not when purge button is pushed
  • Evaporator coil frosted continuously, low dehumidifying capacity
  • Compressor runs with power button off
  • Dehumidifier will not run
Air Movers- 
Air Mover repairs include Phoenix Centrifugal, Viking air movers, B-air air movers, PDS air movers, Phoenix axial air movers, Drieaz air movers, and many more
  • Before each use, inspect for damage, blocked inlet or outlet, or any excess buildup of foreign material. 
  • Inspect the GFCI to ensure it is not in a "tripped" condition. Push "RESET" to reset the GFCI.
  • When the Air Mover is first turned on, check for excessive vibration. If the unit vibrates excessively or if blower wheel rubs on housing,  turn off the unit immediately. Have a service technician inspect the unit to locate the problem.
Air Scrubbers- It is essencial that HEPA filters be replaced when needed. If your Air Scrubbers are not performing as expected they may need service. Nu-tech Cleaning Systems stocks filters, HEPA filters and air scrubber replacement parts for  all major brands of air scrubbers including Phoenix Guardian, Phoenix Mini-Guardian, Phoenix R500, Omni Air and many more......
 Heaters- Nu-tech has a huge stock of heater replacement parts. We can have your temporary heat units working properly, quickly so that you and your customers are not left in the cold.  As with all of you restoration and carpet cleaning equipment, regular maintenance is suggested. Filters should always be kept clean and replace them as needed.
Your heater may need repair service if:
  • The blower is not running
  • Blower is running but no heat when low air flow light is off
  • Low airflow indicator lamp is on 
  • Unit will not turn off
Portable/Extractors - Never Operate carpet extractors /portables when the equipment is not performing as expected or when any part is visibly damaged. Manufacturers suggest that your regular maintenance should include: 
  • Thoroughly clean all equipment and accessories after each use
  • Rinse the solution and recover tanks with clean water
  • Flush the pump system with clean , include all hoses and wands(s).
  • Do not allow water to remain in the tanks after use
  • Lubricate all quick disconnects with lubricant
Portables/Extractors may need service if:
  • No vacuum or weak vacuum
  • Unit will not turn on/off
  • Burning smell
  • Pump is not running properly
  • chemical is not feeding
  • tool won't spray (low or uneven spray)
  • Solution tank isn't filling
  • Solution tank over overflows
  • Solution pump is not running 
  • Low solution pressure and/or pulsation
  • Can't connect solution hose to machine
  • Auto - Dump pump out not working 

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