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Cleanco Compact

The Cleanco Compact direct drive delivers proven performance day in and day out. Its simplicity and ease of operation has made the Compact the choice of truckmounts from owner operators to national franchises.

  • Space Saving Design
  • Electronic Throttle Module
  • 5CP Cat Pump Clutch Activated
  • Pump & Oil Site View Lines
  • Stainless Steel Carpet Wand
  • 150 ft. High Temp Solution Hose
  • Recovery Tank Full Shut Down
  • Optional Heat Max P.T.I.
  • Dual Solution Quick Disconnects
  • 10 ft. 1 1/2" Lead Hose
  • Percision Balanced P.T.O. Shaft
  • 100 Gallon Waste Tank
  • Quick Release Instrument Control Panel
  • Carpet & Upholstery Speed Settings
  • 150 ft. 2" Vacuum Hose
  • Chemical Jug & Jug Holder
  • Parking Brake Sensor
  • Dual Heat Exchanger System
  • Easy Access Blower Lube Port
  • Hugh Temp Shut Down
Operation & Maintenance Manual and 5 Year Extend-A-Care Warranty.
Available in Compact 45 (365 CFM's), Compact 47 (490 CFM's), and Compact 56 (560 CFM's) models.

Cleanco Charger II 

The Cleanco Charger II is the perfect entry-level truckmount. Simple design, easy operation and affordable.

Power Pack 18 H.P. Briggs & Stratton 3250 RPM's.
Vacuum Blower Sutorbilt 3LL Produces 13" Hg
High Pressure Pump Cat 3CP Plunger Pump 1000 PSI
2.7 GPM. Recovery Tank 60 gallon marine aluminum with powder cooled finish with lift out lint basket.
Chemical Pump Durable stainless steel pump provides long life and prevents corrosion, couple with last step chemical injection
Cleaning Wand 12" Dual jet S-bend wand of stainless steel tubing construction.
Hoses-Vacuum 100 feet of 2" heavy duty.
Hoses-Solution 100 feet of high temperature with quick disconnects.
Control Panel Vacuum gauge, Solution pressure, Hour meter, Circuit breakers, Chemical flow meter, Chemical prime and meter valve, Adjustable pressure regulator, Blower lube port, and Solution outlet quick disconnect.

Cleanco Cruiser 

The Cleanco Cruiser is built for the professional who demands a lot out of their equipment for residential and commercial cleaning. The Cruiser is also able to handle flood restoration extraction.

POWER PACK 25 HP Kholer Liquid cooled engine 2850 RPM. 
VACUUM BLOWER Sutorbilt TriLob T406 14" Hg.
HIGH PRESSURE PUMP Cat 3CP plunger pump 1000 PSI 3.7 GPM with a solution pressure circuit to produce 1200 PSI for hard surface cleaning
RECOVERY TANK 60 gallon marine aluminum with a powder coated finish, lift out lint basket.
CHEMICAL PUMP Stainless steel providing durability and prevents corrosion with last step chemical injection
CLEANING WAND 12" Stainless steel Quad jet S-bend.
HOSES-VACUUM 100 feet of 2" heavy duty.
HOSES-SOLUTION 100 feet of high temperature with quick disconnects
CONTROL PANEL Recovery tank full indicator light, Engine high temp shut down indicator, Vacuum gauge, Solution water pressure gauge, Solution water temperature gauge, Circuit breakers, Hour meter, Chemical flow meter, Chemical prime & meter valve, Adjustable pressure regulator, Solution outlet quick disconnect, Blower lube port, Key, and ignition start

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