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Truck Mount Repairs/Service -Maintaining your truck mount is simple and by following these guidelines from the manufacturers you will prolong the life of your truck mount. 

  • Check van engine oil
  • Check van coolant level
  • Check high pressure pump oil levelv
  • Check vacuum tank lint basket ( this should be cleaned after every job)
  • Clean stainless steel blower protection filters
  • Lubricate blower with lubricant
  • Always winterize system when necessary
  • Check engine air cleaner filter ( clean as necessary)
  • Check front driver belts (adjust as necessary)
  • Check high pressure pump belt (adjust as necessary)
  • Clean in-coming water filter
  • Flush Chemical Systems
  • Inspect unit for loose wires, oil leaks and water leaks
  • Check engine RPM
  • Check blower speed
  • Check vacuum gage
  • Check temperature gage
  • Clean wand and inspect for clogged jets
  • Clean recovery tank thoroughly with high pressure water
  • Change van oil
  • Check van transmission oil level
  • Check van coolant level
  • Check engine air cleaner filter (clean as necessary)
6-Month Service
  • Change oil in high pressure pump
  • Change oil in vacuum blower
  • Flush entire water flow system ( coil flush if necessary)
  • Check that all nuts and bolts are tight
  • Change the coolant and flush the coolant system completely
Your Truck Mount may need service if you are having any of the following problems
  • Equipment is hard to start or won't start
  • Low water pressure at tool but good pressure on gauge
  • Engine runs but loses power
  • Vacuum is weak
  • Low or no water pressure on gauge
  • Water pulsation
  • No heat or low heat
  • No chemical feed
  • Unit will not idle up
  • Unit shuts down unexpectedly

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