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Dry Pro TM is the professional restoration technician's most reliable source for successful water damage remediation. Dry Pro provides a variety of easy-to-use features for technicians in the field to ensure successful and cost effective water mitigation. This app is essential for technicians, project managers, and insurance adjusters.
Calculations include:
  • Drying equipment: calculate the number of dehumidifiers and airmovers required for a specific area
  • Power distribution: calculate the amount, cost, and runtime of needed power
  • Psychrometric calculator: calculate grains per pound (GPP), relative humidity, and dew point
  • Heating and cooling: calculate BTU's and HVAC tons required to heat or cool an area
  • Indoor air quality: calculate the number of HEPA units to remediate indoor air quality
  • Second day readings: after the first 24 hours of drying, simply enter the grain depression reading from your meter and Dry Pro will calculate which dehumidifiers can be removed to safely continue drying the structure
Special features:
  • Email any readings page to a set or manually entered email address: perfect for successful communication and documentation with adjusters!
  • Attach a photo to a readings page for reference
  • Readings are saved on each page until manually cleared
  • Enter multiple rooms or areas per calculation page
  • Calculate airmovers by linear feet
  • A full conversion table
  • Full specs for each piece of equipment
  • Full definition and acronym list
Check out the tutorial for DryPro here:
1. Use the arrows at the bottom of the presentation to move forward and backward in the presentation
2. Use your mouse or trackpad to zoom in and out of different sections
Click the link below to download DryPro in the app store.

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