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Remember the recent job you completed by full sanding and applying that absolutely gorgeous dark walnut stain? How heartbreaking it was when you went back to apply the finish and noticed all those sander and swirl marks. What must have gone through your mind knowing that all the hard work you put in must now be sanded away and completed again to correct the sanding issues? Talk about throwing away profits!

The heartache you felt could have certainly been avoided by using a Basic Coatings® Sand Dragon Orbital Sander. With the Sand Dragon, with a weight package to increase the head pressure, it is easy to apply level abrasion to the floor for proper smoothness and eliminate those pesky sander or swirl marks. As dark stained floors are again buy cialis online genuine becoming popular, using the correct machine and proper grit abrasives will ensure that you should not have to complete your job twice to be paid once.

dragon orbitalThe Basic Coatings Sand Dragon Orbital Sander is available in 20” and 28” widths, making it the ideal choice for both small residential areas and large open areas, like gymnasiums. Having 3400 rpm orbit speed and 1.5 horsepower make this the perfect combination for final sanding of hardwood or inter-coat abrading of even the toughest finishes. Top it all off with having an optional dust containment attachment and you have all the machine you will ever need to complete that flawless flooring project that your clients deserve.


SPECIFICATIONS Length - 20 in. or 28 in. Width - 20 in. Height - 48 in. Weight - 165 Lbs., 215 Lbs., or 288 Lbs. Speed - 3400 RPM Pad Size - 20” x 14” or 20” x 28” Drive motor – 1.5 HP, 120v, 12A, 60 Hz Cord – 14-3 ST, 50 ft. or 12-3 ST, 75 ft.


OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Check machine for damage to cord or plug. Use suitable pads or brushes. Always use a 1” red pad between the gripper face and abrasive pad.

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: The Sand Dragon™ is intended to be used to remove floor finish by dry abrasion. The machine is also intended for dry screening of wood floors. Do not use the machine with wet stripping chemicals.

TO INSTALL OR CHANGE THE PAD: 1. Unplug the machine. 2. Tip the machine back on the wheels. 3. Install brush or pad driver. 4. Center the pad on the pad driver.

TO OPERATE THE MACHINE: 1. Plug into a grounded outlet. 2. The machine can be operated with the handle in an upright position or lowered position, whichever is most comfortable for the operator. 3. Handle does not need to be locked during use, some operators prefer to use the machine with the handle position unlocked and floating. 4. Press the safety lever and squeeze the trigger to start the machine. 5. Store the machine with the red carrier pad installed on the machine. 6. Use only new or clean pads and reverse them as needed. 

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  • Model: eb8806612
  • Manufactured by: Basic Coatings

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